So excited that Emily Marie tried on our Multi Wefts Clip Ins, Hair Bangs & Halo Hair Extension.They are all made by 100% real remy human hair.

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The products she reviewed are: 

E-litchi Multi Wefts Clip-Ins Straight Medium Brown Balayage Dark Blonde  

E-litchi Air Blunt Bang Straight Light Brown Clip-in

E-litchi Light Volume Halo Body Wave Dark Blonde

1st Impression on E-litchi?

"So it came in with this super cute pink package. You guys know I love pink. So I was super excited about this when it showed up on my doorstop, I was like oh my gosh! what can this be? And then the hair extensions just came inside of it."

E-litchi Hair Bang Try On?

"First of all, I'm gonna try out, I got clip in bangs! Oh they sent bob pins with the hair bang. That's so cute. I'm growing my bangs out right now so I just have to push them to the side. This is what they look like and you can just pull them out right here. They fell really nice. They are human hair. It has the bangs and then it has these little side pieces. Overall first impression I think these are kind of cute."

New we have straight medium brown balayaga dark blonde multi wefts clip ins!

"Oh geez, so these are 100% remy human hair which is good because you can dye them like your own hair. It also has hair extensions care instructions right here, so that's super nice. And also it has their email address there so if you need any help with stuff, you can just email them. We also got extra clip in in case this one breaks, that's super nice. It also has instructions on how to put them in and stuff. That's super nice, too. Oh my gosh, these are soft. I know you can tell how soft it is by how I'm running my fingers through it. Wow this is so nice. It matches pretty well, I didn't expect that. These are freaking soft, I love this. It definitely looks really natural. I think the match is pretty good. I don't really tell a huge difference between the extension of my natural, it's really nice, it also adds some dimension which I kind of like. It definitely adds some volume to my hair, looks thicker."

Here comes the halo!!!

"I love a good halo. I got curly, because I think curly hair usually goes better but it's human hair so I can always just straighten it or curl it. Oh my gosh that is so soft. Wow, that's softer than my real hair. That is crazy. Oh I think that matches pretty good. Actually, like color wise, oh that's nice. Wow, first impression, guys, I really really like this hair.

Check more details and how Emily puts on the halo hair extensions or hair bang or multi wefts clip ins!