Can White Hair Turn Black Again? Cover Your White Hair with Small Hair Toppers!

Can White Hair Turn Black Again? Cover Your White Hair with Small Hair Toppers!


The sudden greying of hair could be a nightmarish experience for many. So first, we need to understand the color of our hair is primarily determined by the concentration of melanin, a pigment produced by melanocyte cells in our hair follicles. Melanin production slows down as we age, leading to the gradual loss of pigment in our hair, hence the natural greying. However, with small hair toppers, you can easily hide the gray hair and achieve any look you like, and they provide the ultimate convenience, lightness, naturalness, and unlimited styles you can ever imagine. 

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Why Would We Grow White Hair and Can They Return to Black?

The growth of white hair, though seen as a natural outcome of aging, has also become a life botherer for other age groups. There are working-age adults, adolescents, and even children now suffering from premature graying of hair (PGH). It has aroused broad concern, and much research has been done to find the reasons behind it. It turns out that though genetics plays the most significant part, there are other contributing factors worth our attention.  

  1. Nutritional Deficiency. As presented by many studies published in professional journals, there is a connection between insufficient nutrients like iron, vitamin D, and E. folate, vitamin B12 and B-6 selenium, and premature graying.The deficiency hinders pigmentation, leaving less and less melanin in the hair. Under this circumstance, taking in more relevant nutrition could help curb the graying process and ensure new hair could have more melanin.  
  2. Medical Conditions:Certain underlying medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases (e.g., vitiligo), pernicious anemia, thyroid disorders, premature aging syndromes, and hormonal imbalance, can trigger the loss of pigment in the hair as well. If you suspect these conditions, please consult a healthcare professional for further help. During this process, a small hair topper could help the patient live without unwanted attention from others.
  3. Stress and Lifestyles:Emotional stress can also factor in premature graying. Studies have shown that stress will release into follicles a chemical that speeds up the process of melanocyte stem cells morphing into pigment cells and moving out of follicles. Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking also damage hair follicle melanocytes by producing reactive oxygen species.
  4. Environmental factors:hair products, including shampoos, soaps, and hair dyes, more or less contain harmful chemicals that hurt the hair and cause premature graying. Excessive oxidative stress caused by UV rays and air pollution can also result in not enough antioxidants to counteract the harmful free radicals, leading to premature graying. Wearing a small hair topper can protect the hair from harmful exposure.

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What to Do About Growing White Hair

After we understand the reasons behind hair growing gray, we know that the answer to questions like can white hair turn black again is no, as the color of gray hair grown already cannot be reversed to its original color, nor can we do much for the genetics or aging-related graying. However, we could still influence the hair to be generated if the reasons are nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions, lifestyles, or environmental factors. Re-pigmentation may be achievable through hormone therapy or nutritional intervention. It's important to note that the re-pigmentation process can be slow, and effectiveness is not guaranteed as the condition varies from person to person. So, while you are addressing these root causes, which could take quite a long time to make a difference, small hair toppers come as a perfect makeshift solution.

The salt and pepper small hair topper with bangs or mixed grey short pixie addition by E-Litchi could be a suitable option. It is designed to provide a natural disguise for PGH, balding, or thinning issues without having the users compromise on stylishness, convenience, or comfort.

This E-Litchi small hair topper is easy to use and can suit different head circumferences as it is equipped with three pressure-sensitive clips on the compact base for users to fasten it to the head crown. While covering the forehead and crown area where the balding is more inclined to appear, the short pixie style allows your hair to be left out to ensure the transition is seamless and the disguise is perfect. What's more, whether your hair is long or short, salt and pepper small hair toppers with bangs way lighter than the traditional wig can add more layers to your hair and thus make your overall hairstyle more creative and fun.

 salt and pepper small hair topper with bangs


  • Customizable Natural Human Hair: Crafted from 100% real human hair, this topper provides a natural feel and can be styled, straightened, curled, and even dyed to a darker color to meet your preferences.
  • Complete Package: The purchase includes not only the hairpiece but also a wig stand, a hair root fluffy clip, a bob pin, two additional clips for added security, a user-friendly instructional manual, and a helpful card.


About E-litchi

E-litchi is a global fashion brand with a clear and admirable mission: to bring effortless beauty to everyone, all from the comfort of their own homes. With over a decade of experience in the wholesale hair product business, E-litchi has honed its human hair extensions' quality and expanded its research, design, marketing, and global distribution capabilities. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and their commitment to high-quality products is attested by their supply of 100% natural human hair extensions and hairpieces, helping women achieve fuller, thicker, and longer hair. They have made shopping for hair items such an enjoyable experience on its online store. So don't wait longer to refresh your knowledge and experience of hair products with E-litchi's extensive small hair topper offerings. 


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