How To Adjust Our Halo Hair Extensions?

How To Adjust Our Halo Hair Extensions?

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Hey E-litchi lovers, so we contacted 8.85k+ (Data caculated on Jan. 9th 2021) subscribers Youtuber Mimi Markova to use our halo hair extension. Mimi is a fashion influencer who has been using hair extensions for a long time. She is so nice to record a video for her fans to show them how to adjust our halo hair extensions. Click here to see the full tutorial video about how to adjust E-litchi halo human hair extensions. 

As you all know, if you have already ordered halo hair extension from us, the wire has already been adjusted as standard size in the parcel being sent. 

e-litchi halo human hair extension

Step 1: Rewire the Halo

rewire e-litchi halo human hair extension

Tools you need: Scissors, flat nose pliers, the microbeads and the string (Elitchi send 2 additional strings and 4 additional micro beads)

1) Try it on first to test the right size of your head, if it fits well then you don't need to adjust at all; If not, then test the size.

2) Cut the string on both sides.

3) Put the new string through one of the holes

4) Put the two ends of the string into the micro bead, pull on one of the strings to have about an inch on the short end of the string

5) Place the micro bead as close as possibleto the hair

6) Take your pliers and aqueeze the micro bead

7) Go to the other side of the halo, put the micro bead in first

Step 2: Sizing Halo

sizing e-litchi halo human hair extension

1) Part our hair exactly where we're going to be placing the halo generally you'll want to part it one to two inches from your forehead to find the right size of your halo

2) To test your size, move your head around, move it forward, back, shake it a bit just to make sure that it fits right. It should fit like a headband.

3) Take off the halo and just like the other side place the bead as close as possible to the extension and clamp it down.

You are done. All you have to do now is put it back on, put your hair down and style it as you like. ❤❤

For the detailed tutorial, pls click here to see the full tutorial video about how to adjust E-litchi halo human hair extensions. 

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