Top 6 Benefits of Wearing Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Top 6 Benefits of Wearing Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Compare your recent selfies with those taken in your teenage years – you will immediately realize that falling hairs are really making a bad difference. The receding hairline and decreasing hair volumes indicate that you are suffering from hair loss. But you are not alone. According to a report, more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss. Such an astonishing number, right? But soon, you will find this data suspicious when walking in the street, and the ladies passing by are all with plump hair. Actually, some of them have put on halo hair extensions for thin hair, creating bushy hair and a charming look.

 halo hair extensions for thin hair

What Is Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair?

Halo hair extension is a piece of hair extension that can be attached to your hair with a transparent wire (usually made of nylon). The best halo hair extensions have a luxurious luster and a lithe sense. They are born to add length and volume to your hair, offering you options of various shades (bleach blond, jet black, and wine red are the most popular colors) and shapes (straight, waving, curly).

The benefits of wearing halo hair extensions for thin hair are:

No Damage

There are many ways to fix hair extensions, like glue and weave. However, these gadgets will dry your hair, causing friction, breakage, and even follicles to your hair! But if you wear a halo extension, these troubles will not exist – the halo extensions can be secured on your head with merely a halo wire twining your head.

Easy to Apply & Maintain

Halo hair extensions are removable. That means you can put them on whenever you need them and remove them at any time. You just need to fit the halo hair extensions for thin hair in your hair – it may take you a few seconds – and boom! Now you have healthy and luxurious hair. After wearing it, you can also take it off to brush and wash it at your convenience.


Since its structure is way simpler than wigs, its price is lower than the latter. For ladies at the early stage of hair loss, this will be a more cost-effective choice!

Natural Look

Halo extensions are even more natural than you’ve ever thought! Your draped hair will cover the thin wire, so nobody knows you are wearing halo extensions.

 Halo Hair Extension

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Halo Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Though halo hair extensions are easy to use, you may still have some confusion. Here are the three most asked questions about halo hair extensions for thin hair:

Can halo extensions be dyed, straightened, or curled?

If your halo hair extension is made of high-quality human hair, then the answer is a big Yes. However, if your halo hair extension is made of synthetic materials, we don’t recommend you style it because synthetic hair is vulnerable to chemicals and high temperatures. Your styling behavior may shorten its lifespan drastically.

Can I sleep in halo extensions?

Yes, but not suggested to do so. Your unconscious turning over your head will rub your halo extensions to a messy and end up with hair knots as well as frizz. But with high-quality human hair halo extensions, the risk of hair knots will decrease – but never zero.

Are halo hair extensions friendly to small heads?

Surely yes! You can adjust the length of the wire until it perfectly fits your head! Check how to adjust the wire of halo hair extensions for thin hair here!

 E-Litchi halo extension

Get the Prettiest Wavy Human Hair Halo Extension from E-Litchi!

E-Litchi provides you with the best halo hair extensions for thin hair. To create a most natural one for you, we offer five sizes from 16” to 24” and 13 shades. The good news for girls who like changing hairstyles is that this E-Litchi halo extension can be dyed, straightened, and curled as you want. The nylon wire is so thin that it is almost invisible even without being covered by hair, but it is also tenacious to secure the halo extension. So come and get this delicate halo hair extension now!


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