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The most honest review ever from Sara who is a totally newbie for human hair extensions. The very first time she tried on halo hair and she just loves it so much. Can't remember how many "Oh My Gosh" & "Incredible" I've heard from her video. You literally can't fake the excitement, lol. 

Click to watch the whole honest reviews and how she styled the halo & chignon bun

The products she reviewed are: 

E-litchi Straight Bleach Blonde Full Volume Halo

E-litchi Natural Bleach Blonde Donut Chignon

E-litchi Curly Platinum Blonde Donut Chignon

1st Impresshion on E-litchi Hair?

"E-litchi is a company that sells hair extensions and other like hair accessories. They contacted me and ask if I wanted to review their items. I was actually thinking of getting some so I was so excited when they contacted me.They have so many different hair color options, they have different length options, they have even bangs to choose from. They have toppers, they have so many options."

The 1st thing is halo hair extension

"It came with this cute cute pink envelope, super super cute. It looks gorgeous. So this color I chose is bleach blonde. It's soft and feels so silky. Oh my gosh, this is so exciting you guys. It looks like a totally good match to me, real close. Look at this, I think it's gonna be blend in really well. It got this like netting here, it's got this kind of transparent string. And also if you can get like a beach waves I chose the straight one, but the beach wave one is so pretty. I was so torn I didn't know which one to pick. It's not that heavy you guys, like seriously, I feel so good like it feels like my hair. This is actually feels softer than my hair. "

"Pls bear with me, this is my first time to put it on. On my gosh, you guys, oh my gosh, this is gorgeous, oh my gosh. This is amazing oh my gosh. This is really gorgeous. Ok now I wanna order the one with beach waves. Oh my gosh, that is. It blends perfectly you guys. You can not tell where my hair ends and where this begins the extensions, it like blends so well. This is unreal. Thank you E-litchi so much for this."

I've worn chignon buns before, but these are so cute

"This is bleach blonde, the straight chignon bun, the other one is curly and in shade of platinum blonde. Look at this, oh my gosh, that has to be so cute, it feels like it's cute. This feels like so light and it feels like comfortable. It just feels like I'm wearing a hair scrunchie and the color is really good. There are so many ways to wear it. These are so fun. You guys, so cute. E-litchi, I love this, haha.

Check more details and how Sara puts on the halo hair extensions or chignon buns!