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After long waiting finally see Zoey Carter styling our Single Weft Clip In, Wrap Around Ponytail & Halo Hair Extension.They are all made by 100% real remy human hair.

Click to watch the whole honest reviews and how she styled the halo & hair bang & clip ins

The products she reviewed are:

E-litchi Straight Dark Brown Single Weft Clip-Ins

E-litchi Straight Dark Brown Light Volume Halo

E-litchi Straight Wrap Around Ponytail Dark Brown

 "I'm going to be reviewing some hair extensions now. I'm always trying to find new hair extensions. I love how hair extensions just really give a simple option to just change up your look temporarily. I just don't want to commit to a certain style because I get bored so quickly like I need to change up my style. Keep it fresh and hair extensions really allow me to do so. "

The 1st product I wanted to show you is their single weft clip in hair extension

"This is in the shade dark brown. It's really nice, it has 5 clips on there and they are all sewn into a really thick weft. They came with a few replacement ones so if these ones happen to wear off or just you know pop off, you do have a few extras just in case. So now I have the hair installed and it is so soft that's the one thing that I really noticed right off the bat when I received these hair extensions is that they are so incredibly soft. They don't tangle that much. They are really high quality hair. It is super long like it goes way past my waist, but I'm living for it. I'm living for that mermaid realness, but the hair matches so perfectly with my natural hair straightened like it looks seamless like it looks so good. The color is perfect. It's a little bit lighter than my roots but naturally the ends of my hair are a little bit lighter so they are perfect for the color of these extensions. I really like about the single weft clip in. It saves so much time. In a normal set of extensions you get like 7 to 10 pieces, and that takes obviously more time than just clipping in one piece but literally you saw it, it took me like 5s to clip in and that just saves so much time, it's so convenient. I high recommend it. Also I will say that the clips are really secure in my head, like I am pulling them right now and it's not  coming out, it's pretty secure in there. It's really thick and I naturally have thick hair so I was surprised that it pretty much covered up all of my hair and made it perfectly blend in. Hair extensions usually don't blend in that well but because this one is the volume that it is. It's just given me life like look at this, yes."

Moving on to the next piece we are going to try on the ponytail

"This is called the wrap around ponytail because it has a piece that you know is detached from the rest of the hair and is meant to wrap around the velcro so you don't see it. It just keeps it really nice and neat. So this one is 22 inches and if you see this inside it has a little comb and it has a little teeth in it. That's what basically you're going to use to stick in your ponytail if you guys saw my Insert Name Here review you guys know how these work but the one that I had and issue with the INH ponytails is they weren't human hair. They were synthetic and as high quality as synthetic can be, it's not human hair like it will never act exactly like human hair will but because these(E-litchi Hair) are made of 100% remy human hair, these will act like your real hair you can curl them, you can dye them, you can basically do anything that you want. Again the hair is so soft like I can't get over how soft it is and what I love about this ponytail especially is how thick the ends are, there's no starggly ends here. You get the full length that you ordered. It's also really lightweight."

"It instantly transformed my ponytail from how it was before into just like this long luscious ponytail. It is really long, it does hang just below waist but I am living for that because you guys know that I love long hair. The hair matches so well with my natural hair. I mean the hair is the same through all 3 products like the hair quality doesn't change so I'm gonna be saying that for each product but it's true like the hair is really high quality and it does blend really seamlessly with your hair. This is so shiny. I just can't get over, you guys, this is so good."

I want to save my favorite prodcut for the last

"It's the halo hair extension and I have never used anything like this like I've heard of them before but I just don't know how they worked really but I was so excited when they sent me this so I could finally test it out for myself. It is basically a long weft a clear string attached to it. And you put the string right here and the hair falls like a normal hair extension would but it is being held up by the string which is invisible. That kind of sounds like a little bit gimmicky at first, I just didn't really know what to expect. It's really different concept, but I will show you how I use it and why I love it so much. "

"This is 24inches long and atucally it's the longest out of all the pieces we are showing today. And this one even gets really long because I'll just show you it hangs really low so I'm going to be putting this and lining it up with the parting we made."

"As you can see, it's very thick. The hair is so incredibly soft, I know I keep saying that but it really is, you will not be disappointed. It really is high quality human hair. So I just curled the hair off camera and it just really did give it a lot more life. It's so bouncy as you can see, it's so long, too. If I strech it it is like way past my waist. They do come in shorter lengths so if you prefer something a little bit more natural then they do have thta options as well. They also have a lot of color options so matching my hair color wasn't that big of deal. So I curled the hair a few times, and it really does hold a curl pretty nice. I do recommend putting a little hairspray on them if you wanted like long time use for the curls. But without any products in them, they still hold really nice. "

"The one reason that I like it the best is that it is so incredibly lightweight. This little invisible band I was actually afraid that it would show when I first got it but it doesn't. I would never be able to tell your eyes would never go directly here and be like what is that. It just looks natural, you don't see it.
It's so versatile, too because you can basically move your hair around without having to do with annoying like clips and tracks. I can do so many more styles with it. "

"I'm just so excited to be wearing this more often. And it's just already going to be saving so much time for me to do my hair like it's just so quick and easy. Overall I'm so incredibly impressed with their hair. The quality is top notch. They hold a curl, they look amazing, the hair is so soft, the pieces are lightweight like I really don't have any negatives to say. I'm so happy with just how they look in my hair and how they feel. "

Check more details and how Zoey puts on the halo hair extensions or hair bang in 20s!