Hair Size Chart: Which Length and Hairstyle Suit You Best?

Hair Size Chart: Which Length and Hairstyle Suit You Best?

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Quick question: what length of hair suits you best? If you don’t have an immediate answer, you’re not the only one. Most of us don’t know what haircut and style truly fit us best, only what we’d like it to be. After all, the same length can look vastly different from one person to the next. An easy way to remedy this is through a hair size chart. Use it to select the perfect hair extension length to switch up your hairdo whenever the mood strikes. Find out the best hair extension length with the help of this hair size chart and fool-proof measurements. We will show you how!


How to Measure the Length of Your Hair?

Use this straight and curly wig length chart as a starting point:

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You should begin by placing a tape measure about one inch above the top of your ear and then measure all the way down to the end of your hair. Record this as your natural hair length. If your hair is curly, take care to pull it straight and measure the straightened strands. Alternatively, you could blow dry your locks straight just before measuring.


How to Choose the Prettiest and Fittest Hair Extension/Wig?

Now that you know your natural hair length with the help of the hair size chart, here comes the fun part: picking out your extensions or wigs! As a general guide, aim for a hair extension length not longer than twice that of your natural hair. It’s the same rule for choosing a wig. As an example, if your hair length is 30 centimeters, your hair extension length or wig length should be no longer than 60 centimeters at most. This helps to create a natural transition from your own hair into the extensions and wigs without placing undue stress on your own hair.    

What hair extension length and wig length will you choose? The three main dimensions are:

  1. Short Hairstyles

We’re talking cute and trendy styles like pixie cuts and shaggy textured bobs. Those with short or very fine hair will do well with extensions and wigs 2 inches longer than their own. A shorter length is ideal for adding in some volume and dimension. A shorter hair extension length is also a good idea if you are fresh to extensions. The longer the hair, the higher the degree of care it needs.

  1. Middle Length Hairstyles

If you have hair between the shoulder and armpit length according to the hair size chart, consider hair extensions length of 12 inches or 30 centimeters. You’ll be able to achieve subtle volume and gradual length that blends in beautifully with your natural hair. Longer lengths that reach the collarbone look great with a 16-inch hair extension length. This usually falls gently over the bust area in a cascading, blended effect.

  1. Long Hairstyles

Blessed with hair down from your mid-back to tailbone? Lucky you! Supercharge your lengthy locks with extensions of 20 inches or 51 centimeters. The weight in your natural hair will be able to handle the added volume that comes with this longer hair extension length.

Keep in mind that regardless of the result of comparing your hair with a hair size chart, extensions usually require some cutting to get them to blend into your natural hair. For this reason, it may be a better idea to go for a longer length to allow for a snip or two at the tips.

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