How to Attach a Silk Base Human Hair Topper Without Clips

How to Attach a Silk Base Human Hair Topper Without Clips


A silk-based human hair topper is a luxurious and versatile hairpiece designed to provide a natural and undetectable solution for individuals experiencing hair thinning or balding. Unlike traditional lace or monofilament bases, the silk base human hair topper offers an incredibly realistic appearance, resembling the scalp's texture and color. This inventive design guarantees a seamless integration of the topper with your own hair, rendering it nearly indiscernible from your natural hairline.

Whether you're seeking a boost in volume or additional coverage, a silk-based human hair topper is a reliable and sophisticated choice to enhance your hair's fullness and beauty while boosting your confidence.

 silk base human hair topper

The Popular Choice: Attaching a Hair Topper without Clips

Many individuals prefer attaching a silk-based hair topper without clips for various reasons.

  • Silk-based hair toppers without clips provide a more lightweight and comfortable alternative. Clips occasionally cause discomfort, particularly if they exert pressure on the scalp, leading to irritation and uneasiness throughout the day.
  • Clips may harm existing hair or result in tangling and pulling.
  • Opting for a silk-based hair topper attachment method without clips, such as tape, glue, or pressure-sensitive adhesive, ensures a more secure and inconspicuous grip. This way, the top remains firmly in place even in windy conditions or during strenuous activity.
  • The silk-based hair topper without clips also contributes to a more natural appearance, eliminating any telltale attachment marks and rendering the hair topper nearly invisible.


silk-based hair topper with clips

Diverse Approaches to Attaching Hair Toppers without Clips

  1. Anti-Slip Bands

Pros: These toppers come with anti-slip bands already attached, providing a secure hold without the need for clips. They are often comfortable and easy to use. It is mainly preferred for short-hair toppers.

Cons: Limited options with this feature; not all toppers may come with anti-slip bands; they may wear or lose elasticity from use.

  1. Wearing with Wire

Pros: This method allows you to use toppers with clips alternately without discomfort. It provides excellent support and adjusts to your head shape and desired tightness.

Cons: This may cause discomfort to the scalp or hair, requiring careful removal of the clips. And the wire should be clear to avoid visibility. It's best suited for targeted coverage rather than holding long strands in place.

  1. Wearing with Tape

Pros: Tape provides a secure attachment method and is water-resistant. It works well for toppers that lack clips and offers a discreet hold.

Cons: This method requires practice to ensure seamless and secure adhesion. It may lose its stickiness on hot days or during vigorous physical activities. Additionally, the tape can be challenging to remove and may leave residue behind.

  1. Wearing with Clips

Pros: Using clips is a traditional and straightforward way to attach a hair topper. It's easy to adjust and remove, making it a versatile option.

Cons: Clips can be uncomfortable for some, cause tangling or damage to natural hair, and might not be the most discreet option. They may also require careful placement for a natural look.

 E-Litchi silk base human hair toppers

Are you looking for a high-quality hair topper that combines the versatility of clip attachment with the option to use alternative methods for those sensitive to clips? If so, the E-Litchi silk base human hair toppers are an excellent choice. These toppers come with clips, offering a secure and adjustable hold for your convenience. Alternatively, if you are sensitive to clips, you can easily remove them and explore alternative attachment methods like anti-slip bands, wire, or tape to customize your experience and ensure the topper sits comfortably and securely on your head.



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