• FAQ - About Wrap Around Ponytails

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    FAQ - About Wrap Around Ponytails
    1.What do you do to hide the cloth that you see with the wrap around ponytail? As you can see there are hair left there together with the cloth, so when you wrap around the cloth you can easily use the hair there to wrap around the cloth so that the cloth is hidden. 
  • FAQ -About Halo Human Hair Extensions

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    FAQ -About Halo Human Hair Extensions
    1.What are the difference of the 3 types of halo? They all have invisiable wire. The difference is the base at the back side which you can see from the product backside images easily. The 1st one has no base so it's seamless when you wear it. The 2nd one has base and more volume. The 3rd one has leather base and more volume...
  • FAQ - About E-litchi Service

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    FAQ - About E-litchi Service
    1.How many days will it take to my country? If you are located in the US, UK, CA or AU, the shipping days is normally 5-7 business days including 1-2 processing business days. Click here to see the shipping & delivery policy. 2.Can I exchange the item if the hair is not suitable for me? Yes you can. Our return policy lasts for 30...
  • FAQ -About Our Human Hair Extensions

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    FAQ -About Our Human Hair Extensions
    1.Do you sell natural human hair? Yes, All hair items listed on our wesbite are all 100% real human hair extensions. You can straighten, curl, cut, wash or dye them into a darker color, restyle just like your own hair. 2.How do I pick the right hair color? If you are are a frequent hair extension buyer or you know about hair extensions well,...
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