Everything You Should Know About Real Hair Halo Extensions

Everything You Should Know About Real Hair Halo Extensions

We all love to watch celebrities grace the red carpets of award shows and movie premiers all year round. Something about the glitz and glamour of delicate gowns and bold fashion statements makes each one of us lean forward and pay attention. That includes the unique makeup, accessories, and thick, strong, long hair of female stars. Want to know their secret weapon? These high-powered celebrities are using real hair halo extensions that make their hair look luxurious and flowing on and off camera.

If you have ever wanted to match the same look of celebrities, musicians, pop stars, and TV personalities who look fantastic on film, then you should try blending in halo extensions into your own personal style.

What is a Real Hair Halo Extension?

Real hair halo extensions are easy-to-use, one-step solutions for a fuller and longer hair appearance. They offer first-time users and seasoned pros the chance to transform into eloquent long-haired beauties only in a few minutes.

Most options come in different weights that can be thin to accentuate your natural beauty or thick hair. The thicker the hair, the less stringy it will appear at the bottom for those using extensions with naturally shorter hair

The difference between real hair halo extensions and other options is that there is no need for clipping or sewing anything in your hair. Real hair halo extensions sit directly on the top of your head and are supported by a nearly invisible wire to the naked eye. This means you get 100% real human hair without any of the hassle of waiting years to grow your own look. The final picture is a long, luxurious hair wave flowing behind you as you strut your stuff at home, work, or going out with friends.

Steps for Wearing a Real Hair Halo Extension

Putting on a reliably soft and easy-to-use halo hair extension’s human hair option requires a quick process. You can do this entirely on your own or with a friend who enjoys styling long hair.

  1. Parting - Start by parting and fixing the top of your hair – you can use a rubber band to help fix them. Leave two inches wide hair sections before your forehead), creating a track where the wire can comfortably sit when the extension is in place. This will help cover the halo extension’s wire and fix it comfortably underneath the real hair.
  2. Brushing - Brush the latter part of your hair and also the real hair halo extension for preparation. When brushing the halo extension, grab the end of the wire-side hair with one hand and comb with the other hand to avoid pulling the extension.
  3. Put On - Gently place the real hair halo extension on your head with the wire sitting one inch back from your hairline and slipping into place along the track in your real hair.
  4. Cover - Conceal the wire by brushing over the halo extension and your real hair so there is a seamless transition. If the halo extension is much longer than your real hair, you can do a haircut by yourselves or take it to a salon and let the barber helps you.

The Benefits of E-Litchi’s Halo Extensions

Finding a quality real hair halo extension does not have to be a complicated affair. Start by going to E-Litchi’s website and exploring the many color and style options available. You will easily discover extensive colors of flowing long hair that can match your style. The better the match, the more natural your appearance will be when you show up to a party or get-together.

E-Litchi offers halo extensions that are made from 100% natural hair that can be straightened, curled, dyed (to a darker color), or restyled in any way you would like. That gives you plenty of options to have fun creating a new look that will make everyone’s jaw drop.

The expert design and styling team at E-Litchi offers some of the highest quality real hair halo extensions available on the market. With years of experience crafting inspiring new looks for clients all over the world, you can rest assured you will get the final hair extensions you need that will make your friends and dates think you belong on those red carpets just as much as the top celebrities. Explore the online store and pick up your real hair halo extension today!

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