How to Make a Middle Part Wig a Side Part and Style It?

How to Make a Middle Part Wig a Side Part and Style It?


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Hot summer has arrived! Burning sun, rising temperature, and dripping sweat – everything reminds you of changing to a more refreshed look. Look what the celebrities do: Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Stacey Dooley – these fashion sensitives have chopped their long heavyweight hair to a lithe bob hairstyle. Some of you may want to catch this trend but cannot gain the plump sense with your own thinner hair. Instead of sighing and giving up, you can use a middle-part wig to achieve your dream hairstyle.

However, if you want to imitate Miley Cyrus’s look, you will come to find that she has a side part bob, which means that you have to change the parting of your bob wig with a middle parting hair line. But since you will use the hairdryer to heat your wig to make the side parting fixed, will it harm the lifespan of your wig?

The answer depends on the material of your middle part wig: If yours is a synthetic wig, the heat will melt the plastic material and damage your synthetic wig. But it’s not the same story when it comes to a middle-part human hair wig. A human hair wig has a mono-top, which makes it easy to change the parting without impairing your favorite wig. Let’s learn about how to change the parting with some gadgets!


4 Steps to Change the Middle-Part Human Hair Wig to a Side-Part

  • Spray Water: First, you need to spray some clear water over the middle part wig, especially on the top and around the parting line.
  • Part the hair: Then, take out a tail comb and part the hair to the left or right side, and adjust it until it is perfect.
  • Comb the hair: Gently comb both sections of the wig. Don’t mind if the parted hair lifts up.
  • Use a hairdryer: Fix the parted hair piece with the comb and blow it directly with a hairdryer until the hair is flat. Finally, a side-part wig is done!

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How to Style the Bob Wigs?

Whether it is a bob wig with a middle part or a side part, you will never end your exploration of how to style it to get a new look or be more like your favorite fashion mentors. We know your eagerness to be even more attractive, girl!

In general, there are mainly two simple ways to change your bob wig’s style.

1. Curl

Curl hair is born with romance and attractiveness, which adds charming flavor to the simple bob hairstyle and compromises the over-neat short hair. The curls are bouncy and full of summer’s lively sense. You can use a corresponding size barrel to create a perfect curl. If you want a soft curl close to a wave, choose a big barrel. If you prefer a spring-like bob, you can use a small barrel.

2. Dye

Some people change their hair colors to represent a new image and attitude, like Billie Eilish, who transforms from a rebellious green and black to soft golden, implicating embracing the true her inside. If you want to try some bright colors while worrying about whether you are suitable for them or refuse to try them on your real hair, you can dye your middle part wig instead. You need to pick some hair dye creams with your favorite colors and follow the instruction to dye your wig. Anime pink, Sunset Blonde, Ombré, and more creative colors are waiting for you to try!


Still, one thing to remind you is that only high-quality human hair wigs are durable enough to survive your “torture”. So here we recommend E-Litchi’s lace front human hair bob wig with a middle part or side part.

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E-Litchi Bob Middle Part Wig Is What You Need

This glueless middle part wig is durable and suitable for ladies who want to change to a bob style. It offers a broad coverage so females who suffer from hair loss or have a bald area on their heads can still wear it perfectly. If you prefer a side part, this middle part wig is easy to adjust to what you like. The key advantages are you can straighten, curl, or dye it as you like.

Even better, we offer a 50% discount on the 2nd item, making our middle part wigs even more cost-effective. So, don’t hesitate to choose one from E-Litchi’s store and shine in front of your friends with your new look!

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