How To Wear Our Human Hair Bangs?

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Dear E-litchi Lovers,

Do you know that wild, wispy bangs are going to be big in 2021? And while not everyone has the face for bangs, those who do can really rock them, but you can still try on hair bang styles without cutting your own hair. That's why we have human hair bangs for you!

For the past years, we have sold many hair bangs and we found that part of customers don't know how to wear the hair bang in a proper way, in this case, they think the bangs are not secure and they just don't stay where they should be. From this blog, you will learn how to avoid it.

Let's see how Lavinia wear and style our human hair bang then.

Step 1: Comb the hair bang and unsecure the clips to get ready for wearing it

how to wear e-litchi human hair bang

Step2: Find the right position and clip in your hair

how to wear e-litchi human hair bang

Step3: Secure the hair bangs and use straightener to curl or straighten it (make it more natural & stylish as you like)

how to wear e-litchi human hair bang

Step4: Comb again to make it more natural

how to wear e-litchi human hair bang

In today's tutorial, Lavinia styled our air blunt human hair bang, click to see

2 commentaires

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    Hi Karen Louise Kearney,

    Thanks for your comment on our blog. That’s great, we have worked with many hairstylist influencers, some of them become our business partners like wholesale.

    If your hair is medium brown with bleach highlights you can try our highlights human hair extensions so you don’t need to bleach it by yourself. You can pick the highlight color here:

    Or there’s another way which is you can order our tape ins to DIY highlights as you want. In this way you can match well with your own hair. Buy 1 pack of medium brown tape ins and another pack of bleach blonde tape ins. Also it lasts for a longer time. Check our tape ins here:

    For all human hair is the same, you can only dye it to a darker shade but you can’t bleach it. Also it damages the hair.

    Any questions please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you. : )

  • Publié le par Karen Louise Kearney

    My hair is medium brown with bleach highlights. I am a stylist and can
    process it myself as I prefer a more faded application. Instructions I read tell me that the piece can be darkened but can I bleach it?

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