5 Types of Natural Hair Toppers for Women That You Cannot Miss!

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female hair loss

Are you suffering from thinning, balding hair? Rest assured - you are not alone. According to a study by Cleveland Clinic in the United States, an estimated 50 percent of women will be afflicted with hair loss in their lifetime. But we are not letting that affect our appearance and confidence! With the clever use of these natural hair toppers, we’ve found the answer to the 5 most common types of hair loss for females.

You may have heard the term “alopecia” before. But did you know that females have five main areas of hair loss? Let’s look into them in more detail!


5 Main Hair Loss Areas for Females

  • Hair Loss in the Frontal Area

This type of hair loss falls along the hairline and usually develops slowly over time. The hair starts thinning until it leads to scarring on the forehead. While it is thought to be caused by changes in women’s hormones as they age, doctors have yet to pinpoint the cause of this phenomenon.  

  • Hair Loss at the Parietal Area

If you are experiencing thinning hair at the top of the head, you fall into one of the most common areas of female pattern hair loss. Generally, it is thought to be a result of stress, irregular schedule, and bad diet. Luckily, you are one of the ideal candidates for natural hair toppers.

female hair toppers for parietal hair loss

  • Hair Loss on Both Sides of the Head

Are you losing hair mainly on your temples? Known by doctors as androgenetic alopecia, this is typically referred to as female pattern baldness. There may even be a genetic link, as this pattern is often seen in members of the same family.

  • Hair Loss in the Cephalic Acupoint Area

Typically found at the crown of the head, this type of hair loss occurs further towards the back of the head. And while it may not be as readily noticeable, it can still give your confidence a knock.

  • Hair Loss at the Back of the Head

Another common area seen in androgenetic alopecia is losing hair at the back of the head. As its symptom, the hair close to the hairline at the base of the neck looks a lot thinner.  


How to Deal with These Types of Hair Loss?

Now that you have pinpointed the type of hair loss you most identify with, is there anything that can be done about it? With E-Litchi hair toppers, the answer is a definite yes! Just pick from these 5 types of natural hair toppers from E-Litchi to solve all your hair care needs.


15*16cm Base Hair Topper with Bangs for hair loss at the frontal area

Hair loss at the front of the head can be particularly noticeable and, as a result, make you feel embarrassed when fronting others. The 15*16cm Base Hair Toppers with Bangs are the perfect natural hair toppers to remedy this issue. The hair rests right at the top of the eyebrows, providing full coverage while drawing the eye away from any thinning hair at the front of the head. Better yet, you get to play around with the parting to switch up your look depending on your mood!

10*12cm Silk Base Hair Wig for hair loss at the parietal area

This one is perfect for thinning hair in the parietal area of the head. These natural hair toppers provide the right amount of coverage at the top of the head, adding some volume and bounce right where needed. Perfect!

10*12cm Silk Base Hair Topper

13*15cm Silk Base Hair Topper for hair loss on both sides of the head

What could be better than wearing natural hair toppers with confidence and charisma? The 13*15cm Silk Base Hair Topper offers fool-proof no-nonsense female hair toppers with the perfect amount of coverage on both sides of the head. Never again do you have to hold your hair down at the slightest gust of wind. This is one of the best hair toppers for all-day confidence – no questions asked!

13*15cm Silk Base Hair Topper

10*12cm Silk Base Wavy Human Hair Topper for hair loss in the cephalic acupoint area

Who said that female hair toppers had to be bland and boring? The wavy style adds fabulous charisma to the hair topper. One of your best picks is the 10*12cm Silk Base Wavy Human Hair Topper. It comes equipped with beautifully styled wavy locks exactly where they are needed at the crown of the head.

15*15cm Base Hair Topper with Bangs for hair loss at the back of the head

If you have thinning hair at the back of your head, look no further than the swingy 15*15cm Base Hair Topper with Bangs. These natural hair toppers come in your choice of shade – from medium brown to jet black and everything in between. All what is left to do is to fit it according to your desires. Style guaranteed!

15*15cm Base Hair Topper with Bangs

Wrapping UP

With the wide variety of natural hair toppers out there, it can be tough knowing where to start. Look no further than E-Litchi's stellar range of female hair toppers. Browse through the complete selection of rich choices on offer – whether it is a barely-there wig for the back of the head or one that covers both sides of the head. Our professional hair research team has spent the past 10 years perfecting the art of premium quality hairpieces to offer not only exquisite hair additions but also exceptional customer service.

So, what are you waiting for? Let E-Litchi take care of all your hair care needs with the best hair topper selection around!


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