HALO EXTENSIONS + CLIP-IN BANGS| E-Litchi 100% Human Hair | Lavinia Rusanda

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Today we have 15.9K subscribers Youtuber Lavinia Rusanda to try on our 100% real human remy halo hair extension & hair bangs. 

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The products she reviewed are: 

E-litchi Air Blunt Bang Straight Dark Brown Clip-in

E-litchi Light Volume Halo Body Wave Dark Brown

E-litchi Straight Dark Brown Light Volume Halo

"There're so many other complies contacted me and they are mostly selling synthetic or half synthetic hair extensions, but the fact these are all 100% real human hair extensions is pretty cool and then in this way you can style the hair and do more with it. You do also want to make sure you're cleaning it and stuff. "

What she thinks about the hair bang?

"The 1st piece I want to try here is the hair bang. I'm really excited about this.It also comes with some bob-pins which is really nice. Honestly I quite like them. I like how they look. I think they look very realistic and it's a nice way for you to be able to try out some different hairstyles on yourself without cutting your hair. You can style it different ways. You can even do a ponytail and then this is why it has those long pieces so that it looks a little bit more realistic if I were to do a ponytail like that. The top piece here doesn't look too too noticable, especially you were to wear like headband or something then it would really disguse it and look even more realistic."

How about our straight halo?

"Ok so now I'm gonna try the straigh halo extension just because my hair is straight now. As I said I got 24 inches for this. This is really nice if you wanna do updos and stuff you just wanna do to add some volume and thickness to your hair to have more hair to work with. It does feel very very soft and I can definitely tell this is real hair. And I would say that's pretty close match to my hair. The color is actually great so that's awesome. Now I feel like I have so much more hair. This is perfect if I wanna do like an updo or something where I need more hair. It feel so much more thick and everything. It's also blending very nicely throughout my natural hair which I'm impressed with. "

Now the most exciting part, the body wave halo hair extension which is literally Lavinia's favorite item from us.

"It is nice, long and wavy same color. Again comes with the extra wire just in case. Again this macthes with pretty well as well. Oh that gave me so much more volume, look at that. I think I really like this one because it blended in great. Fell great, it really just gave me so much more volume. I definitely think this blended a lot better. It gave me a lot of volume which is awesome, and I really love how this is looking in the hair."

Check more details and how Lavinia puts on the halo hair extensions or hair bang in 20s!