How To Distinguish Human Hair & Synthetic Hair


Dear E-litchi Lovers,

I just recieved many questions about if we sell real human hair or not. And some customers don't know how to distinguish human hair & synthetic hair. Today we list 2 methods which is very easy for you to test.

Method 1: By Burning it

Cut some hair from the hair extensions you bought

Light the hair with lighter

Check the result :

Human hair becomes ash. It doesn't melt and stick together

Synthetic hair melts and sticks together

See our test below

E-litchi test human hair and synthetic hair

Method 2: By Ironing it

Iron the hair with iron

Synthetic Hair melts or curls, but human hair keeps straight

See our test below

e-litchi hair how to test human hair and synthetic hair

Now you know how to tell human hair and synthetic hair? No worries, any questions you can contact us via

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