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Straight Vs. Wavy Hair Toppers: Which One Should I Choose?

An estimated 11% of the world’s population has wavy hair, while around one-third of the women tend to face hair-loss problems at some point in their lifetimes. This makes it clear that a large segment of women can simultaneously have wavy hair and a hair-loss problem. Hair loss is more evident among women with curly hair compared to those with straightened hair, and so they are more likely to look for solutions.

If you are also one of those women with wavy hair and a hair-loss problem, you need not feel alone in this struggle. Even celebrities like Keira Knightley have been through the same. What matters most is how you solve the issue. The good news is – there are quite a lot of solutions to deal with hair loss, and the best among them is covering your head with wavy hair toppers or straight hair toppers.

But before we talk about how incredibly the hair toppers can help you deal with the situation, you must understand what they are in detail. So, let’s just dive in!


Hair Toppers – Easiest Way to Make Your Hair Look Flawlessly Gorgeous

Jokingly called the ‘push-up bras for hair,’ hair toppers are basically smaller patch-like wigs for women that help cover the bald parts of your head and make your hair look voluminous in an all-natural manner.

You can apply hair toppers to any area of your head that might look thin or bald due to hair loss. Though the toppers aren't a permanent solution to your hair loss – they can surely work as a savior before you are cured with proper treatment.

Hair toppers are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes to suit consumer needs. For instance, some toppers can provide extra coverage for your roots, while others are made for concealing your scalp. It all depends on how deeply you understand your hair trouble and get the perfect fit designed to make your hair look flawless.

Curling Straight Hair Toppers Vs. Directly Choosing Wavy Hair Toppers – What’s Better?

If you have wavy hair, you must be wondering if you should choose a straight hair topper and curl it by yourself, or a more convenient wavy hair topper. Let’s compare them and get the answer.

Natural Curls

Buying a straight topper and curling it to adjust with your wavy hair could really impact the way they look, especially when you are not so good at curling hair. They are much more likely not to come up as natural, while the wavy human hair toppers with different curliness available on the market are already in front of your eyes. So, you can pick the hair topper that goes well with your wavy hair and enjoy the natural look.

Time Consumption

It can take a lot of your time to curl up the straight hair toppers and adjust them with your wavy hair every time you get ready. On the other hand, you can easily and quickly fix the wavy hair toppers with your hair and get going to wherever you want with super gorgeous hair.

Required Techniques

Straight hair toppers will require curling before using them, and that too is not enough to match them with how your natural hair looks. So, you might need to do a lot of styling and pick on different techniques to ensure the topper doesn’t look different from the rest of your hair.


Carrying wavy hair with an ongoing problem of hair loss is already a lot of struggle. While you would be aiming to ease that hassle by purchasing hair toppers, picking the straight ones will only increase the time and effort required for maintenance, as curling it frequently may harm the appearance of your hair topper and make it frizzy. Therefore, you may need more time to maintain the hair topper after every use.

Effects on Hair Toppers’ Lifespan

Adding to your misery, the heat to curl a straight hair topper every time will damage it and shorten its lifespan. This will increase your expense as you will have to buy hair toppers quite often.


E-Litchi 100% Human Hair Toppers: Best Choice for Your Hair

Now that you have gone through the above comparison, you must understand that purchasing wavy hair toppers is the only best option when you have wavy hair. And what could be better than purchasing yours from E-Litchi’s extensive range of wavy hair toppers?

E-Litchi brings you a premium and a wide variety of 100% human wavy hair toppers manufactured, keeping in view the different requirements in terms of colors, sizes, and shapes. You need a silk hair topper or human wavy hair toppers; we have it all.

  • E-Litchi wavy hair toppers are available in about 20 colors.
  • You can straighten, curl, dye these hair toppers to a darker color and restyle them as your own hair.
  • The hair toppers are available in 6 sizes and weight variations.
  • Every E-Litchi human wavy hair topper comes with all the necessary accessories, including 1 wig stand, 1 hair root fluffy clip, 1 bob pin, 2 clips, and a manual.

So, get yours now and flaunt your beautiful, flawless hair as you have always wanted to!

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