Top 4 ways to Add Hair Volume with Toupee for Women

Top 4 ways to Add Hair Volume with Toupee for Women

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 30 million women are victims of hair loss, and hair loss can start from puberty. It means young girls are also at risk of hair loss. If your hair has gone thinner or a section of your head has gone bald, you should add volume to your hair to save your style and social life. This article will discuss some common hair loss conditions and popular ways to add volume to your hair with hairpieces, extensions, and toupees for women.  

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Let’s start with thin hair: it can be caused by various factors, including genetics, stress, maternity, menstruation, medication, and many other reasons. Ringworm, a fungi infection, can also cause hair loss. To retain your hair, you need to consult healthcare to find out what you can do to help reverse stress-related hair loss. Meanwhile, you can use some stylish and natural toupees for women to add volume to your hair. This way, you can continue to lead a normal social life.


Popular Ways to Add Volume to Your Hairs

Whether you have hair thinning or a section of your head is gone bald, it can have a devastating impact on a lady's self-esteem and personality. But you don't have to worry too much because there are some popular ways to add volume to your hair, including hairpieces, extensions, wigs, and toupees for women.

You can choose a solution according to your problem. For complete coverage, you can go for a complete wig, a toupee for women to cover hair thinning at the top, or clip-in bangs to cover thinning at the hairline. Now let's discuss each option one by one, so you can figure out the best solutions in each category for you!


1.     Hair Toppers/ Toupee:

On the other hand, you may just be suffering thinning on the top of the head and prefer to conceal them. If this is the situation, we recommend a fantastic toupee for women with the same worry. A hair topper or toupee for women can perfectly cover the top of your hair, concealing any thinning areas and adding volume naturally.

But during your selection of the hair toppers, one thing you should keep in mind is that choose one based on your hair shape and color. If your hair is wavy, you should choose a wavy hair topper that perfectly blends into your real hair; If your hair is straight, then the straight-like-silk hair topper will be more suitable for you.

2.     Hair extension:

This is the fastest and most affordable solution for covering up hair loss. These hair extensions for women with thinning hair fill in any gaps. Clip it to your hair, and then it is done!

You can pick between two types of hair extensions:

  • Human hairpieces:

Human hair extensions are the most natural method to fill in bald spots and give your hair a natural look. They are collected from real humans and are usually offered in a vast range of shades. So, you will be able to find a close match for your hair easily. They can merge flawlessly with your hair.

  • Synthetic hair extension:

Synthetic hair extensions are also a solution; however, they have a really short life span and can only be used once, making them a second option.


3.     Hairpieces:

If you look for more hair volume on a special area, you can choose hairpieces. Hair pieces nowadays are really easy to attach – just clip them on your real hair and cover them with the topper natural hair.


4.     Wigs:

If you have decided to wear a wig to cover a thinning crown or bold, choose a monofilament or lace front wig for the most natural appearance!

  • Monofilament:

These wigs are noted for giving the appearance of a natural parting, allowing wig users to experiment with how the scalp is exposed. You can shape and arrange the wig in whatever way helps you feel most at ease and confident.

  • Wig with lace front:

Lace front wigs are a terrific option if you are concerned about your hairline retreating or thinning across the front of your head. These wigs for thinning hair women are ideal since they resemble a real hairline, providing the wig a more natural look.



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