Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Natural Hair Topper

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Natural Hair Topper

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Remember the cliché and old chestnuts about a sudden wind blowing away the wig on someone’s head? Wearing wigs or hair toppers is no longer a shame now, but people are still chasing a hair topper with perfect naturality. They have invested time and money in searching for the most natural hair topper among the wide range of options on the market. However, the huge investment may not be necessary. The essential thing to do before making each decision is to ask yourself some questions to refine the most practical choice for you.

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Why Should You Find the Most Natural Hair Toppers?

Everyone can never refuse an “I woke up like this” beauty. Similarly, though wearing a hair topper is not a shame, people still want to leave an impression that they are born with plump, bushy, and glossy hair. A natural hair topper can perfectly cover the thinning hair area, match the shade and blend into your hair, create a luxuriant parting line on your head, and bring back your confidence.


What Should You Figure out Before Buying Hair Toppers?

  • What size of natural hair toppers do you need?

Choosing the correct size of a hair topper is undoubtedly the most important thing. You should measure the area of your thinning hair area and then choose a hair topper that is big enough to cover it. To do so, you need to take out a flexible tape measurer, then measure the length and width of your thinning hair area. The hair topper you choose should be at least 2cm larger than your measured area, which can better grab your healthy hair in case of falling off. The length is also important. If your hair is short, just look up the hair size chart and choose short hair toppers for thinning hair.

  • What density should the natural hair toppers be?

This is highly related to which state of hair loss you are in. Hair density’s demarcation point (also the standard) is 130%. If you are in the early stage, you can choose a hair topper with a lower density (100%-130%), ensuring it is breathable, lightweight, and seamlessly integrated into your real hair. A standard-density hair topper is enough to restore your glamorous appearance if you are in the progressive stage. High-density (more than 130%) hair topper is recommended for ladies at the advanced stage of hair loss. However, if the thinning hair area is too large, a wig may be a more comfortable choice for you.

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  • What color should you choose?

Except for artists who want to try every bright color on their heads, you should choose a similar shade with your real hair to make the hair topper perfectly blend into your hair. You can get the most suitable shade by taking a picture of yourself under the sunlight and consulting customer service. One thing to remind: the color needn’t be exactly the same as your real hair – when putting on the hair topper, there isn’t any dissonance, then it will be a natural hair topper for you.

  • Human hair or synthetic?

For naturality, human hair toppers burn synthetic ones with their silky luster, glossy feel, and vibrant float in the air. On the opposite, synthetic hair toppers have a dull luster and knot a lot. Therefore, if you have enough budget, you are always recommended to choose human hair toppers.

  • Where to buy natural hair toppers?

    A high-quality hair topper can help you avoid most of the problems during each wearing, such as itchy feelings, breakage, low breathability, and allergy to unclean hair. So, it is important for you to buy hair toppers from a trustworthy brand. E-Litchi, with 12-year experience in the hair industry, is confident to provide you with the most satisfying and natural hair topper. Our hot-sale human hair topper Daisy offers you 7 different sizes ranging from 6” to 20” and more than 10 shades, helping you get the most natural hair topper on the market. Its density is 130%, which is suitable for most people who suffer from hair loss.

    E-Litchi hair topper

    We at E-Litchi aim to remove any obstacle on your road to becoming even prettier by offering affordable hair toppers. Grab your natural hair topper with the discount of 2nd item 50% off now from E-Litchi!

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