FAQ- About Customer Service

  1. 1.Do you ship to my country? Is it free shipping? How long will it take?

    Yes we ship worldwide. It's free express shipping for orders over $30. If less than $30 there will be a $6 express shipping fee. We ship via Fedex express shipping, it normally a week, but we can't guarantee the exact date. You may see our shipping policy details here
  2. 2.Are these real human hair?

    Yes we only sell 100% real human hair on our website.
  3. 3.Do you support buy now pay later?

    Yes, we support buy now pay later with Klarna or Paypal pay in 4.
  4. 4.How can I choose a color match with my own hair? Do you offer free color match?

    Yes, you may check here for color match
  5. 5.Do you have any discounts?

    Yes we have a 20% off discount for new customer 1st order, if you are returnning customer, no worries, you can check our homepage banner for all new promotions from time to time, or you could contact our customer serice via service@e-litchi.com to ask for new discounts for returning.
  6. 6.Can I pay with my credit cards?

    Yes we support most of the credit cards like visa, master, Amercian express, JCB, discover, maestro, diners club and so on. We also support paypal and klarna, buy now pay later.
  7. 7.How to reach customer service?

    Pls email us via service@e-litchi.com     Any emails would be replied in 24hrs during work days, if it's weekend or holiday pls kindly wait for a while, when our customer service is online, your request will be answered.
  8. 8.Can I return if it doesn't fit me?

    Yes, we offer 30 days free return and exchange. You may check our return and refund policy here: https://bit.ly/2RrCNva

FAQ- About Human Hair General Info

  1. 1.How long can I use the hair?

    Our hair just like other real human hair extensions, which can be used for 3-6 months. It depends on how you take care of the hair, if it's taken well of, you can use it for a longer time. You can wash the hair, but with the washing time increases, the quality of the hair will go down. Normally you can wash the hair for around 20 times.
  2. 2.Can I dye the hair to any color I like?

    No, You can only dye the hair color to a darker color, for example, you can dye medium brown hair extensions to dark brown shade but you can't dye it to light brown shade.You can not make the color lighter by dying it.
  3. 3. Do I need to do anything before dying the hair?

    Yes, You can remove the oily protective material applied on hair when manufacturing before you are ready to dye the hair. Prepare warm water with temperature 30-40 degree, wash the hair with detergent two or three times, then clean the hair with clean water.
  4. 4. Do I need to do anything after dying the hair?

    Yes, You can rinse the hair dye out of the extensions using warm water. Once the hair dye is washed out, apply conditioner to them. Comb gently through the hair extensions after the conditioner has been applied. Wash the conditioner out using cold water. This will seal in the hair color and make the hair shiny.
  5. 5.Why the hair tangle?

    All human hair extensions will tangle if not taken care of. The reasons might be as below: . Not comb well after using; . Not wash after a long time; . Not use hair conditioner after washing; . Not hand-wash.
  6. 6.What to do if the hair tangled?

    If it is not too frizzy. You can straighten it by straighter after combing and detangling the hair. It is recommended to straighten the hair one piece by one piece. Cut the tangled hair if necessary. If it is seriously frizzy. You can wash hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then the hair will be straight again. It is recommended to keep the hair into the water with conditioner for about five minutes when you are washing.
  7. 7.About Hair Caring

    Avoid washing by machine. Avoid sleeping with hair. Avoid making complex hair style with hair products. Or the hair will be tangled easily. Avoid bleaching the hair. Bleaching will hurt the hair. Store well like putting the hair into a sealed polybag when you are not using hair. Avoid letting the hair contact acidid,alkaline or corrosive objects.
  8. 8.Do I have to take out the extensions to wash them or do I keep them on my hair?

    For tape ins, if you already put them on, you can wash them directly from your head just like your own hair. But for other hair extensions like halo or clip-ins, you can take them out to wash cause they are easy to put on and take off. 
  9. 9.Where do the hair come from?

    Our hair mainly collected from salons in Europe like Ukraine, Poland, Belarus for the blonde hair and temples in Aisa like Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia for the brown hair.

FAQ- About Human Hair Toppers

  1. 1.How can I pick a suitable topper for my thinning crown?

    We have different human hair toppers made for different customer needs, for example, the smallest base size 6*9cm topper has the smalles coverage, it's amde for women who is only a little thinning at crown area but the rest hair are full, in this case, it looks more natural-looking. The biggest coverage is 15*16cm base size which is made for women whose balding area is big. And the clips are removeable, you can leave a note to ask for removing the clips, we also have the tapes made for it for you to buy together if needed. You may check here to find a suitable topper
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