With over 10 years of experience in the wig industry, we own professional knowledge, a highly automated industrial chain, and lofty work ethics. We are committed to offering customers quality products and services.


Strict Selection of Raw Materials

Our raw materials have been carefully selected, including hair, bases, and clips, ensuring to provide safe, high-quality wigs to our customers. Hair is the primary raw material for making wigs. They can be divided into two types: human hair and chemical fiber. Human hair is expensive, but it produces better effects, and it is much safer and more comfortable.

We are strict in the selection of raw materials. We only use 100% real human hair, which was donated by healthy and well-nourished young women. The origin of our hair is India. Our products went through a series of sterilization processes by high temperature, ultraviolet, etc., to ensure that the hair is clean, hygienic, and not easy to breed bacteria. Our wigs are safe and easy to operate and can be permed or dyed in any way you like.


We produce premium quality, 100% Remy human hair. Remy hair is the highest grade of human hair, with the cuticles kept intact to prevent tangling and prolong the lifespan of your extensions. The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the finest strands of the desired length and aligned unidirectionally. This process ensures that the hair remains ultra soft, shiny, silky, and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.


In terms of bases, we only choose non-irritating and airy materials, which help to protect the original hair. Whether it is the material or location of the clips, we make sure they won't pinch, damage, or pull hair. Our wigs can offer protection to the scalp from direct sunlight. They can prevent our hair from heavy dust and drying.


Transparent Producing Procedures

Transparency is our promise to you. As a rich-experienced hair brand, it's our confidence to show you all the production procedures and make sure that we always offer the best purchasing experience for you. Our production procedures are as follows.


  1. After purchasing high-quality human hair, we cut the hair to the required length and brush it with a steel tooth comb to mix the color evenly.
  2. Each type of wig has its specified weight. Next, we measure the specified hair weight according to the instructions of the design drawing and then tie it with a rubber band for use.
  3. Next, we arrange the measured hair strands into a hair weft through the machine and roll a special glue layer for wigs to fix the hair weft.
  4. We cut the long hair weft to the length under the shaped aluminum tube.
  5. Soak and wash the hair with special care solution, then dehydrate it to make the hair smooth.
  6. Later, we used sticks or aluminum tubes to make wigs of different sizes and curvatures.
  7. We put the wig into a high-temperature oven, then adjust the temperature to a suitable degree for hair styling.
  8. After taking the hair out, we sew the hair and clip it on the base.
  9. Finally, we will do a full range of wig testing, including its safety, styling, comfort, etc., to provide customers with perfect wigs.


Reliable Manufacturer and Quality Inspection

Our E-litchi manufacturer and factory have been tested by the National Hair Products Supervision and Inspection Center, which confirmed that our products are 100% real human hair.


We insist that products with high quality bring the loyalty of our customers. It's our duty to satisfy our customers. We value our customers more than anything. Happy customer, happy work is our working principle.


If you have any questions about your order or hair tutorials, you can always find our professional service team at service@e-litchi.com. All emails received will be responded to within 24hrs during working days.