Everything about Human Hair Toppers with Highlight: Benefits and How-To

Everything about Human Hair Toppers with Highlight: Benefits and How-To

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While highlighting your hair may seem like a fun and lovely thing to do, it is essential to note that highlighting hair can cause damage. When you highlight the top or the sides of your hair, the natural color of your hairlines is bleached out with chemicals used in the process. It causes dryness, split ends, and damage that can alter the color of your natural hair. It leads us right back to where we started — human hair toppers with highlights are one way to introduce yourself to this popular trend in women's fashion without damaging your hair.

 human hair toppers with highlights

Benefits of Human Hair Toppers with Highlights

A human hair topper is one of the most popular hair extension products. It is effortless to care for and convenient when you travel. It adds much versatility to your style. Here are four top reasons why you should try one today!

1. Natural

The human hair toppers with highlights look natural and real, with the composition of light and dark hair. Unlike other synthetic hair extensions, these extensions cannot be easily recognized as fake by someone with an eye for detail.

2. Improve skin tone

Human hair toppers with highlights are famous for improving skin tone, comfortable wearing, and, most importantly, long-lasting wear. It can be due to the construction of these products, which are designed such that it does not cause any harm to the wearer's skin.

3. Hide grey hair

Grey hair has always been a topic of discussion, and many people want to hide their grey hair. Human hair color is based on the microscopic pigment cells known as melanocytes. These cells will produce pigment as aging – however, you can use human hair toppers with highlights for grey hair coverage.

4. Add volume

Having visibly thick hair can be a tremendous asset to any woman looking for a new style, but it is also possible for ladies suffering hair loss to gain bushy and fluffy hair. Human hair extensions, hair toppers, and wigs can help solve this problem by adding volume to your hair.


Recommended Groups of Colors for Highlighting

Some people love bright, bold colors for their hair; others love a softer look. You can personalize these looks by playing around with your hair color. However, if you want to get out of the house and show off some bold colors every time, we have some great recommendations for you to choose best-suit human hair toppers with highlights!

1. Brown + Caramel

Taking your creativity to the next level, you develop a bold, bright, warm combination. This color takes your mood up a notch and makes you feel great about yourself. Whether running errands or heading to an important meeting, Brown + Caramel will help bring an extra flare to your outfit.

2. Brown + Blonde

It is a fantastic color combination that looks great on everyone. Brown will create depth and dimension, while the partial highlight on brown hair brings out the mid-tone shades. It is a great overall option for all skin tones as it is not too light or dark.

3. Dark + Brown + Caramels

Dark brown and caramel highlights on dark hair are an eye-catching yet mature color choice that looks great on all skin tones. It is among the best ways to make your hair stand out without going overboard with many colors.

 partial highlights on brown hair

Wrapping Up

Did you know that E-litchi hair toppers are one of the most suitable hair toppers for a wide range of applications? If you are looking for 100% real human hair wigs and toppers with highlights, then E-litchi is an excellent option to consider.

 e-litchi hair topper reviews

You can also check out E-litchi hair topper reviews online before purchasing to get an idea of what other customers have thought about their experience. Don’t hesitate to add our cute hair toppers to cart!


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