How to Let the Hair Topper for Thinning Crown Stay in Place?

How to Let the Hair Topper for Thinning Crown Stay in Place?

Read this article and learn how to let the hair topper for thinning crown stay in place.


hair topper for thinning crown

An embarrassing scene in which a hair topper falls off someone’s head can occur when the topper is not securely attached, or the hair underneath is not properly prepared. This can result in the topper slipping, sliding, or coming off entirely in front of others, leaving the person feeling exposed. To avoid the embarrassing moment, you are suggested to read this article and learn how to let the hair topper for thinning crown stay in place.


4 Ways to Attach Hair Toppers: Pros & Cons

The attaching way of hair toppers can matter a lot to the steadiness of it. There are mainly four methods to attach your hair topper for thinning crown:


Clips are easy to attach and remove, making it simple to add or remove the topper as desired. Also, they are designed to securely hold the topper in place, reducing the risk of slipping or falling off. In addition, clips can be used on various hair types and textures, making them a versatile option for many people.

However, if the clips are not attached properly or are too tight, they can cause damage to the natural hair or scalp. Moreover, people with greasy hair may find that clip-in hair toppers slip on the head and expose the thinning hair.


Glue can provide a long-lasting and secure hold for your hair topper and offer a seamless look as it is transparent. But the other side of the coin of glue for hair toppers is that people sensitive to the chemicals may suffer from skin irritation like itching. The applied glue may be difficult to remove and damage your natural hair or scalp.


For ladies who refuse to use clips and glue, wire is a good choice. It is elastic enough to fit in your hair to secure the hair topper for thinning crown and apply even pressure on your head so that it won’t pull your natural hair. But the downside of wire is that it may be visible if the hair topper is not blended well with the natural hair. Also, it is less secure compared to clips and glue.

Pull through a mesh

This is the method that causes the least damage to your natural hair. The mesh hair topper is fixed by pulling your natural hair through the net base. However, it is time-consuming and may also fall off if the hair topper is pulled, and you cannot do any hairstyles that split the hair because it will expose the net.

 human hair toppers for women

In conclusion, clip-in hair toppers are the comparatively better choice. It can secure the hair topper on your head while bringing less damage to your real hair and your scalp.


Will a Clip-In Hair Topper for Thinning Crown Damage Your Real Hair?

The answer is NO – if you wear the hair topper in the correct way. Here are some tips for you to let the clip-in hair topper stay on your head without pulling and damaging your real hair.

  • Choose the correct crown size. Before purchasing a clip-in hair topper, it is important to measure your head to ensure that you choose the correct size. A topper that is too small may not provide adequate coverage or even pull your thinning hair, accelerating hair loss and enlarging your hair loss area.
  • Choose the correct clips.Look for clips with a smooth surface that will not damage the natural hair and are strong, secure, comfortable, and easy to attach & remove.
  • Clip number. The number of clips you use will depend on the size and thickness of your natural hair. Generally, using at least three clips is recommended to ensure a secure hold. If your natural hair is thicker, you may need additional clips to ensure the topper stays in place.
  • Clip Placement. Proper clip placement is crucial for ensuring that the topper stays in place without damaging the natural hair. Start by placing the center clip at the crown of your head, then place the remaining clips evenly along the hairline. Don’t forget to change the placement of clips regularly – rotate to rest the area of hair that attaches to the clips.
  • Texturize the hair.Before attaching the topper, you can texturize your natural hair to help the clips grab your hair. This can be done using a texturizing spray, styling powder, or curling iron.


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