How to Choose the Right Curly Hair Toppers with Bangs

How to Choose the Right Curly Hair Toppers with Bangs


curly hair toppers with bangs

Healthy hair is essential to looking good. Not only does a good hairstyle play an important role in our self-esteem and how others perceive us, but it also can impact how we feel about ourselves. The curly hairs, who enjoy the added hair volume endowed by the curls, may also have to deal with frustrating moments when the front hairline moves backward or the hair gets thin in the crown part. The struggle is real, but it’s time to fight back! This article will help you discover the best curly hair toppers with bangs to regain confidence.


Why Do You Need a Hair Topper Instead of Wigs or Extensions?

Selecting the right type of hairpiece for your needs matters a lot. There are mainly three types of hairpieces on the market: hair toppers, wigs, and extensions.

  • Hair extensions: They add length and volume to your hair. However, they cannot cover the thinning hair on the crown or the receding front hairline.
  • Wigs:Full-sized wigs can help a lot in presenting healthy and thick hair, but they may not be perfect if you merely need some coverage for thinning hair.
  • Hair toppers: For ladies who have thinning hair on the parting line or on the crown, or have a receding front hairline, cover these flaws with curly hair toppers with bangs. They are applied to the top of the heads, hiding the thinning hair while not detracting from the pretty hairstyle, thus enhancing the natural beauty.

 wavy hair toppers

How to Choose Curly Hair Toppers with Bangs?

There are three steps for you to choose great curly hair toppers with bangs. Follow the steps provided to make a decision that is right for you.

Step One: Diagnosis

Before diving into the sea of hair toppers, you should determine which types of hair loss you are experiencing and measure the size of your balding area. There are three stages of hair loss, from nearly invisible to exposing a large area of the scalp. The earlier you are at the stage of hair loss, the smaller crown you can choose. Also, notice the shape of your balding area. For covering a wide parting line (which is usually the most eager need of many females), you can choose a curly hair topper with an oval crown. For concealing alopecia areata on the top, you can choose hair toppers with round crowns.

Step Two: Measure

You may need a friend to help in this section. To get precise data about your curly hair, you should do the following things:

  • Brush your hair.
  • Pick a bunch of hair and stretch it until it is straight.
  • Ask your friend to Measure the length.

Step Three: Compare

After deciding the size and length of the hair toppers with bangs, the next thing to consider is to compare and select the most suitable one. Here are some factors that may affect your choice:

  • Material. Synthetic hair is indeed cheaper, but it blends poorly with natural hair with its dull luster and fake texture. They often tangle, bringing a lot of trouble to maintain, not to mention the unavailability of heating and dyeing. On the opposite, hair toppers made of human hair blend better into your natural hair, offer more styling versatility and also tend to be more durable. E-Litchi offers human hair toppers for thinning crowns, and Susan is one of them. As commented, E-Litchi Susanis nice and secure, with no worries about flying off.

  • Density. The higher the hair topper’s density, the thicker your hair is. But it’s not the more hair, the better – a topper with overmuch volume of hair can never blend into your real hair; instead, it may turn your pretty hairstyle into a bouncy mushroom right at the top of your head. E-Litchi Susan has a density of 150%, which is thick and fluffy enough to conceal the scalp and the thinning hair while still being lightweight and delicate.

  • Price. Usually, the price of high-quality curly hair toppers with bangs is above $100. However, there is an exception if it is on sale. Grab the 30% Black Friday discount offer by E-Litchi and get the best-buy hair toppers with bangs!

 human hair toppers for thinning crown


Curly hair toppers with bangs are the best choice for ladies in the early or middle stages of hair loss with their brilliant texture. If you are finding the most cost-effective and high-quality curly hair toppers with bangs, then E-Litchi is your no-other choice. Continue to visit our website and check out our curly or wavy hair toppers!

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