Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Silver-Grey Hair Topper

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Silver-Grey Hair Topper


Aging is inevitable for humans, and so does grey hair, thinning hair on the crown, or wider parting hairline. While we can’t prevent aging, there are ways to help keep our hair healthy and looking its best. If you are looking for a more natural solution to these noticeable aging features, you can always conceal them with a silver-grey hair topper, with which you can cover the thinning grey hair at the front and crown area. This article will explain why elders should choose a silver-grey hair topper. Read on to find the answer!
silver-grey hair topper

Benefits of Wearing a Good Silver-Grey Hair Topper

A good silver-grey topper can bring many benefits to those who choose it. Whether you're looking to cover up hair loss or want to try out a new style, silver-grey hair toppers offer a versatile solution.

  1. It can help hide the exposed scalp and thin hair, thus making people seem younger and increasing their confidence. This is the priority number one for ladies who have been troubled by hair loss long.
  2. It can help improve the overall appearance of hair, making people look more polished. By covering fine hair and bringing thicker, healthier hair, you will get a refreshed look.
  3. It can be straightened, curled, and dyed, offering you not only puffy hair but also maximized flexibility in changing hairstyles.

Now that you know how a silver-grey hair topper helps, the next thing for you is to find the best silver-grey hair topper and enjoy these benefits.

 silver hair topper

What is the Best Silver-Grey Hair Topper?

Here are some tips for finding the best silver-grey hair toppers:

  • Material

The first and most important factor is the hair itself – a high-quality silver-grey hair topper should be made of human hair, which seems more natural. The best silver-grey hair toppers are those that can be styled in multiple ways – from sleek and straight to curly and bouncy.

  • Base

The second factor is the base. A good topper should have a comfortable and breathable base. The base of the topper is important because it will be in direct contact with your scalp. If you have a sensitive scalp, look for a silver-grey hair topper with a lace, silk, or monofilament base. These materials are breathable and allow your scalp to stay cool, and the sweat can evaporate.

Besides being comfortable and breathable, another feature should also be considered: the base’s color. Since the parting hairline will expose the base’s color, you are suggested to choose a silver hair topper with a thin and light silk base that can create the most realistic parting line.  

  • Weight

The best silver-grey hair topper should be lightweight to increase its convenience for carrying a day long. Moreover, a lightweight silver-grey hair topper is easier to secure to your real hair with less strength, keeping it sturdy on the head and caring for your hair simultaneously.

 human hair topper with bang

Where to Find the Best Silver-Grey Hair Topper?

Instead of comparing the features one by one to filter the best silver hair topper, you can simply choose a reliable hair topper brand and get the most suitable one. E-Litchi is proud to be your silver-grey hair topper supplier with our 12-year experience in manufacturing human hair products. E-Litchi Daisy, the silver-grey human hair toppers with bangs, is designed for females who want to cover the thinning hair at the front and crown area. Its base is made of silk, suitable for ladies in the early stage of hair loss. It can be heated, dyed, and restyled as your own hair, blending perfectly into your real hair. The weight of E-Litchi Daisy is as light as a feather, up to 35g.

The good news for you is that E-Litchi offers a Black Friday discount of 30% off. Add your favorite hair topper to the chart and save 30% money off!

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