How to Make Your Lace Front Hair Topper Lay Flat on Your Head?

How to Make Your Lace Front Hair Topper Lay Flat on Your Head?

Read on the find the answer to how to make your lace front hair topper lay flat on your head.


If you’re looking for a style that maximizes naturality, then a flat but soft lace front hair topper is the key. It provides you with a suitable volume of hair, creating a seamless and undetectable blend between the topper and your natural hair. Rita Ora’s styling in Fifty shades is an example of what not to do – the clumsy bangs and harsh lines are anything but natural.

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So, how to make your lace front hair topper lay flat on your head? Read on the find the answer.


Why Does Your Lace Front Hair Topper Puff?

There are four reasons why the hair topper cannot blend into your hair:

  • Synthetic hair

Synthetic fibers are less flexible than human hair, and they are easy to generate static shock. These can cause the synthetic topper to be misshapen or puff up over time.

  • Over-density

If a lace front hair topper has too much hair density, it can cause the topper to become stiff and puffy, as there is not enough space for the hair to move and flow naturally. This can also cause the topper to feel heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

  • Oversize crown

An oversize crown in a hair topper can cause the topper to sit too high on the head, creating a gap between the hairline and the scalp. This can cause the topper to puff up, as the hair will not be properly supported and secured.

  • Over-styling

Over-styling with heat or using too much hair product can damage the hair topper and make it feels like straws.

  • Wrong storing method

If a lace front hair topper is stored in a way that causes the crown to deform, such as by being tightly packed in a small space, it can cause the topper to puff up when worn.

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To keep the hair topper natural and pretty on your head, you are suggested to choose a lace front human hair topper according to the size of your head and to store the topper properly to maintain its shape and appearance.


How to Make a Human Hair Lace Front Hair Topper Lay Flat?

When your hair topper is too puffy, follow the steps to lay it flat:

  • Spray some water

The first step is to put the lace front hair topper on a mannequin head, lightly spray some clean water on your hair topper to help loosen up the human hair and prevent frizz, and then gently comb the hair to detangle and smooth it. You can use a scarf to wrap the top of the hair topper and mount it to the mannequin head tightly, then wait for it naturally dries. If it works, you can get a flat hair topper without any harm to its lifespan!

  • Heat and straighten the human hair topper

If the first step doesn’t work, the next thing you should do is to prepare a flat iron. Use a hair straightener or flat iron to gently smooth the root of the hair so that it lays flat against your scalp. If the first step works, skip to the third step.

  • Wear it and style your hair with the topper

The last thing to do is to blend the hair topper into your hair. Once the topper is flat and smooth, you can wear it and style your hair as desired, including curling, straightening, and dyeing. You can use styling products or tools to keep the hair looking natural and gorgeous.


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