Top 5 Pretty Hair Extension Hairstyles That Perfectly Blend In

Top 5 Pretty Hair Extension Hairstyles That Perfectly Blend In


hair extension hairstyles

Hair Extensions open the realm of luscious hair styling for women of all ages. They diversify the literal meaning of hairstyling and make it fun. Moreover, hair extension hairstyles put your inner beauty guru at rest and instantly make your look naturally appealing. Hair extension hairstyles render an amiability with your real hair and help you get hair volume worth cherishing and styling. So, grab your hair tools, and let's get styling!


5 Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

With hair extensions on, hairstyling is indeed at your fingertips. Your hair is ready to get locked with hair extensions into an Instagram-able hairstyle! So, all you need is a mystic hairbrush and our elegant hairstyle ideas to swathe your hair in perfectly blended ecstasy.


  • High/Low Ponytail

ponytail hair extension

This simple yet chic hairstyle combines your look with an E-Litchi ponytail. This hairstyle seamlessly makes you look stylish and classy. You can feel the charm of this hairstyle with our natural extension that can be the statement for your look.

This is a hair extension hairstyle that stands out. Slay a high ponytail like Ariana Grande or a low ponytail like Selena Gomez! Our wrap-around ponytail comes with a clip that you can stick on top of your hair and wrap it around, and you’re done! So, just Gel, Pony, and Go!  


  • A half-up and half-down

 volume hair extension

This half-up and half-down hairstyle is the right amount of cuteness. The only factor necessary to achieve this flawless hairstyle is volume. To solve your problem, our luscious hair extensions is here to save your hair day.

Our colourful halo human hair extension comes with a wire you can wedge in your hair without damaging anything! Put half of your hair up and add the hair extension hairstyle in the middle, and it’s all done!


  • High/Low Bun

clip in hair extension

Want to bind your look with a statement bun? E-Litchi’s clip-in hair extension is exactly what will level up your look. Our hair extension hairstyles provide volume and silkiness alike. These easy-to-style extensions provide you with the necessary dimension and shininess for a bun.

You can clip in your hair extensions and go with a high messy bun, or a sophisticated low bun with or without braids!


  • Dutch Braid

Hair Extension Hairstyles

A Dutch braid is your companion for any good hair day, and our clip-in hair extensions for hair extension hairstyles will make your braid easier and more voluminous. Just grab the right hair shade and style your look with perfection with our clip-in hair extensions for black hair.

Braiding was never this easy. So braid and intertwine your hair with our real hair locks! Just clip it up and do your favourite braid. Whether it’s a French tail or a fishtail, get your desired look!


  • Claw Clip

halo hair extension

With the right trick, claw clip hairstyles are the dreamy and lazy hair extension hairstyles for you. This hairstyle, with halo extensions, can drive a neat and balanced hair look with the utmost elegance. This is one of the hair extension hairstyles that requires no effort!

To add volume to your hair, grab our halo hair extension and shine with a claw clip, and then style. Magnifique!


E-Litchi Hair Extension, Your Best Styling Helper

Your hair is worth diamonds and gold, so don't run after cheap hair extensions that might ruin your beautiful hair. The low-quality extensions tangle with each flip and fall to no extent. So, switch from synthetic extensions to our 100% human hair extensions that are silky and define the word divine in terms of looks and feelings!

E-Litchi is your ultimate stop for hair extensions. Visit our website for clip-in hair extensions for black hair and more! Our hair extensions are crafted to provide luxury to your hair and bliss to your look. E-Litchi provides dimensional and lavish extensions, so your hair styling and managing will be at ease!

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