Which Shades and Styles of Real Human Hair Toppers Suit You Best?

Which Shades and Styles of Real Human Hair Toppers Suit You Best?

real human hair toppers

Most people face difficulty choosing the right hair topper of color and size. But hair toppers are the new savior in the hair care industry for numerous hair problems. Whether you're facing thinning hair or baldness, hair toppers revive your hair look with just some tricks. These real human hair toppers are a new disguise that completes your look by positively swaying your minor insecurities.


Steps to Choose Real Human Hair Toppers

To choose a topper that brings a seamless finish, you can follow a few steps to gain a delicate hair look.

1. Measurement

When searching for real human hair toppers, you must measure the area affected by baldness or hair thinning. Make sure to pick a topper that covers your healthy hair that provides a grip for clips or tapes, letting the hair topper stay on your head.

2. Choose the Shade

Deciding on a shade is just as important. Choosing real human hair toppers that are similar and subside with your hair color is essential. You can always get your topper dyed to your natural hair color if you can’t find your perfect fit!

3. Choose the Density

Aligning the density and texture of the topper to your hair is crucial. A hair topper with too much density will puff on your head, while a low-density hair topper might not be able to cover your fine hair. 

4. Choose the Style

Real human hair toppers styling depends on your ability to manage and maintain. If you would like a curly hairstyle, then you are suggested to choose a curly hair topper. Indeed, you can buy a straight hair topper and curl it – but why not cut all the steps merely by putting on the topper? So, choose your topper after deciding the hairstyle you want to maintain with that!

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Popular Hair Topper Shades

Real human hair toppers are available in diverse color choices. Toppers tend to remain on top of the scalp. Thus, they must match your natural hair for utmost seamlessness. Check our best-selling shades below!


Natural Shades

Hair toppers are usually available easily in natural colors and shades. These colors are:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Grey

Such colors tend to suit people with similar hair shades. Black hair toppers are popular, along with grey hair toppers, as many people reside within these shades. But you can customize the color to your interest and fascination.

 natural hair topper

Colorful Shades

Colorful shades are also present in a diverse range. Some popular hues are:

  • Wine red
  • Salt and pepper
  • Auburn
  • White

Such colors are in demand and usually preferred by people with tinted and dyed hair. Salt and pepper hair toppers compete with auburn hair toppers as people leap forward to them. But white hair toppers seem to win for their thrilling gleam.


 Ombre hair toppers

Ombre hair toppers are in fashion these days. This shade of hair can be both natural and eye-catching – you just need to combine different shades.

The standard natural combinations are:

  • Brown + Blond
  • Deep Brown + Caramel
  • Black + Light Brown
  • Coffee Brown + Pale Gold
  • Deep Brunette + Pearly Brown
  • Grey + Beige

Some trendy ombre hair ideas are:

  • Purple + millennial pink
  • Brown + smoky grey
  • Brunette + Blue
  • Raven + Green

 Ombre hair toppers

Various Styling Methods of Hair Toppers

Real human hair toppers are a great way to experiment with different styles and cuts. It is improvised to purchase the topper of your natural hair type to avoid heat damage when styling.

Some prevalent styles are:

  • Curly toppers: Such toppers are opted for by people with curly hair types. These toppers give a clean look concerning the hair type already possessed.
  • Straight toppers: A straight topper matches you with a sleek style.
  • Wavy toppers: Thesereal human hair toppers blend effortlessly in your wavy hair and volumizes your hair enhancing its beauty.  
  • Toppers With Bangs: People looking for more coverage opt for bangs. These toppers offer you full coverage on your forehead as well.

 e litchi hair topper

E-Litchi Hair Toppers

E-Litchi hair manufacturers real human hair toppers with utmost care and supervision. We believe in bringing diversity in hair toppers and premium quality to all our products. E-litchi is the world’s leading hair care brand, which induces a sense of interest in its buyers. We offer quality hair products with 100% genuine human hair and set standards high for other haircare companies.

We believe in your confidence built on our quality hair products. So, order our hair products and enhance your confidence today!

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